Saracen Player’s Club

Must be 21 to enter property. State ID required.

How It Works


1 The Saracen Player’s Club is a unique rewards system designed to reward you, our most valued guest. It’s free and easy to join. Simply go to the Saracen Player’s Club at your next visit, bring your ID, and get your Saracen Player’s Club Card to start earning rewards right away!

2 Join the Saracen Player’s Club and use your card while playing your favorite electronic gaming machine or table game to earn great benefits like discounts or comps at Saracen Casino Resort. You can also enjoy exclusive member-only promotions each month and receive invitations to special member-only events.

3 The more you play, the more benefits you earn – and it’s free! Start earning valuable rewards and benefits simply by inserting your Club card into any machine or presenting it at the table game prior to playing.

Rules and Regulations

  1. The Player’s Club Program is exclusive to Saracen Casino Resort.
  2. Membership is free but void where prohibited or restricted by law.
  3. By participating in the Player’s Club Program, members agree to all rules and other terms and conditions now and hereafter applying to the program and use of the card.
  4. To enroll, a new member must be at least 21 years of age. A valid, unexpired government issued photo identification is required for all Player’s Club Program transactions including but not limited to enrollment and point redemptions. Government issued non-expired acceptable IDs include: Driver’s License (US and Canadian Only), State Issued Identification Card, including Real ID’s, Military or Military/Dependent ID cards, and Passports. Photo copies of any of these documents are not accepted. If a player is not a U.S. citizen a Permanent Resident Cards (Green Card or Alien Registration Card) or current passport is required. No other forms of ID will be accepted.
  5. Only one (1) member per account is permitted. Membership and rewards are for the sole use of the person listed on the account and a member may not allow any other person to use his/her Player’s Club card or access his/her account. Player’s Club cards are non-transferable.
  6. Tier Credits are used to define the tier level to which a member may be entitled. Tier Credits have no cash value and are not redeemable for cashback, free slot play, or other point redemptions. Tier Credit balance is accumulated on an annual basis and is reset at the beginning of each year.
  7. Player’s Club cards are used to track play and accumulate Player’s Club Points and Tier Credits. A member is responsible for choosing a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for his/her account. A member must keep the PIN confidential and is responsible for any activity in his/her account when accessed using the PIN. The card is property of Saracen Casino Resort, and must be surrendered upon request. Saracen Casino Resort is not responsible for lost or stolen cards or subsequent use by an unauthorized person. A Saracen Casino Resort Team Member will never request your Personal Identification Number.
  8. A member may receive Player’s Club Points based on tier level, where and when applicable on select gaming activity. The formulas for the award of Player’s Club Points and Comps are determined by Saracen Casino Resort, and such formulas may be changed by Saracen Casino Resort from time to time in its sole discretion. Questions regarding tier status and redemption can be directed to the Player’s Club, Casino Host.
  9. It is the responsibility of the member to present his/her Player’s Club Card for tracking before playing table games and to properly insert the card into the slot reader and verify its acceptance throughout the duration of slot machine play. Benefits for all play, except slot machine play, are based on observation by casino personnel and in some instances, might be subject to error. Saracen Casino Resort will make the determination if a discrepancy is claimed, and its decision is final and binding.
  10. All benefits including Tier Credits are based on a member’s rated level of play. Rated play varies by machine/game type, denomination, average bet, and length of play, which are all determined in the sole discretion of Saracen Casino Resort. Certain select tier benefits may require that additional qualifications be met, based on the benefit offered.
  11. Free slot play must have a minimum value of $1 for redemption.
  12. Persons who have opted into any gaming regulatory or Property self-limit or self-exclusion program or have been excluded by a government program or agency or by Saracen Casino Resort are not eligible to participate in the Player’s Club program and forfeit all rights to any benefits under the Player’s Club program including Tier Credits.
  13. Unless otherwise prohibited by law, Saracen Casino Resort reserves the right to:
    1. Forfeit redeemable points and other account balances and entitlements after 18 months of card inactivity. Inactivity is defined as a period of time in which the member has failed to present or utilize the card in accordance with Rule 10 at any Property.
    2. Review and verify all accumulations of Tier Credits and Player’s Club Points at any time.
    3. Revoke membership and program benefits for any reason.
    4. Suspend or revoke membership and set off against Player’s Club Points and other membership benefits of a member if he or she defaults on a credit obligation to Saracen Casino Resort or one of its subsidiaries or affiliates.
    5. Restrict specific slot machines from awarding Player’s Club Points and/or Tier Credits, downloading points, and or from awarding points for marketing-related free slot play.
    6. Adjust account status, Player’s Club Points, and Tier Credit balances resulting from any malfunction, computer errors, operator errors, misuse, and/or fraud.
    7. Terminate or modify the Player’s Club Program for any reason, subject to applicable regulatory approval and notices, if any; provided that such change or cancellation shall not materially alter or revoke any member’s account balances or entitlements earned as of the date of modification or termination.
  14. Any point disputes must be submitted in writing to Saracen Casino Resort management within 30 days from the date a point transaction is in dispute.
  15. Saracen Casino Resort retains the sole right to interpret these rules and member eligibility for the Player’s Club Program and its decision is final and binding, subject, if applicable, to the jurisdiction of the gaming regulatory agency of the state of the casino where the dispute arises. Saracen Casino Resort retains the right to modify or update these rules at any time.
  16. Player’s Club Program members are responsible for any and all applicable taxes and other fees.
  17. Upon determination that a member has been improperly denied a benefit from the Player’s Club Program, the member’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be the issuance of the improperly denied benefit if available, or a comparable benefit as determined by Saracen Casino Resort In no event shall Saracen Casino Resort be liable to any member, or anyone claiming through a member, for any direct or indirect claim arising out of any acts or omissions connected with a member’s participation in the Player’s Club Program.
  18. If any provision of these rules is deemed invalid or unenforceable by law or regulation, such provision shall be deemed void only in the specific jurisdiction with the law or regulation, but all other provisions will remain in full force and effect.
  19. Use of the Player’s Club Card constitutes acceptance of the Player’s Club rules and conditions and all applicable laws, rules and regulations of the Quapaw Nation of Oklahoma as well as the Arkansas Racing and Gaming Commission. Gaming in Arkansas, the Player’s Club shall be operated in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations of the State of Arkansas and the terms and conditions of the Arkansas Racing Commission.